Who We Are

As an eight year old, Jennifer Warshaw, owner of 5 South Main, was sent to pick blueberries for her mother's bakery. For most kids it would have been a boring chore, but for Jenn it was the beginning of a career. 

Following these days in the blueberry patch, Jenn worked for her mother's bakery, her grandfather's restaurant and her aunt's catering company before partnering with her mother to expand "Maggie's Corner” from a wholesale bakery to a café and retail store. Jenn indulged her creativity and passion for candy and introduced a line of artisan
chocolates and gift baskets. Then, faced with her mother’s retirement, Jenn became the executive chef at a well known Boston bakery that specializes in hand decorated cupcakes.

Jenn’s entrepreneurial spirit has brought her back to where she
picked her first blueberries, as the owner
and executive chef of “5 South Main”
in Cohasset Village. With fresh
ingredients, great service,
and big helpings, 5 South
Main is the perfect 
breakfast and lunch spot 
for a relaxing meal.